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Words of prais from Peter Collins, heldentenor and Former Irish Rover, Will Millar  
Dear Sandy Jasper,

My name is Peter Collins and I am a heldentenor. I was with the Canadian Opera Company for eight years as a principle performer. I have been teaching and learning to play the penny whistle. Being an opera singer, my ear is well-tuned and although ___ and ___ make nice whistles, I find the ones I own have tuning issues and it drives me a little crazy. I was listening to samples of yours on the net and fell in love with them. One day when my skills have improved I would like to order one from your Handmade collection. But for now I would like to order one Elf Song Jasper Whistle in the Key of D from your Manufactured Whistles collection....

(Initial contact: names of other whistle brands deleted by Sandy)


Dear Sandy,

Thank you so much for the two whistles! They sing beautifully. Also, their tuning is perfect. Like I had mentioned before, being a classical vocalist, when things are not in tune, it drives me crazy! You make beautiful instruments Sandy! Thank you!

Peter Collins Tenor

(After receiving Elf Song Jasper Whistle order)


  Dear Sandy,

The whistles arrived safe and sound this afternoon. My question to you is: are these instruments or works of art? They’re more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined. Sound wise, like your Jasper series, they possess beautiful, haunting, dark, round lows and mids. However, the high end of these handmade whistles take on something of a bird song. A song sparrow comes to mind. The sound is so gorgeous almost hypnotic, even angelic in timbre.

Thank you for initializing them for me and thank you for getting them to me so quickly. When I play these, I feel that musical innocence return to me. That same joy I used to feel when certain chord progressions would resonate so deep in me, I would laugh or cry uncontrollably. I also can’t get over the response of these instruments. It’s like they do what I ask if that makes sense.

Your work is so beautiful Sandy, thank you again and have wonderful Christmas!!


Peter Collins

(After receiving Elf Song Handmade Whistle order)



 When I was a boy, growing up in Northern Ireland, we were not what you might call
 ‘well off’- we had very little, but somehow we were happy kids. Music was a big part of our life. My Da played the Melodeon and without T.V or radio the house was always full of songs and music. Our school could not afford fancy musical instruments and so we were given tin whistles just to learn scales. I will always remember the cacophony of sound from 30 little street urchins trying to play the  Minstrel Boy’ on cheap tin whistles.
When I walked the country roads in those quieter days, the little whistle would be in my hip pocket and manys a tune was played to the accompaniment of a blackbird and thrush.
So I have always kept a fondness in my heart for that humblest of all musical instruments. It is still a mystery to me how some players can bring so much music from six holes on a bit of metal.
When I first met Sandy Jasper she was just beginning to master the sound of the whistle. When she told me she was going to start making her own, I must admit that I was Irish skeptical- I mean a good whistle is in perfect pitch and so much would have to be put into making one that would stand up. Well I must confess when she produced her first instrument I was impressed and as the years went by her ‘Elfsong’ whistles became professional instruments in demand by Celtic musicians everywhere. She creates beautiful little instruments these days as well as teaching the art and playing the hell out of the thing!
People have been playing such instruments since a couple of holes were punched into a reed. Sandy Jaspers ‘Elfsong Whistles’ have come a long way since that. So if you want to capture a wee bit of Celtic soul take one of Sandy's magical whistles, find a quiet spot, and blow your troubles away. Whether you are 9 or 90 you will find it a lot more peaceful and spiritual than drums, trombones or Bagpipes!
Here’s to good times on the Whistle.
Former Irish Rover, Will Millar