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Some answers to the most often asked questions


1) What is the difference between Brass & Copper?

Brass is a mixture of Copper and Zinc with minute traces of lead. (The Lead content is usually between .05&.07 %) It has a lighter, yellowish color and does not tarnish as darkly as copper does. Copper is softer than Brass. The resulting difference in sound is that Brass usually has a brighter sound while the Copper is more mellow and round. The individual voicing of each whistle can dramatically effect the sound as well so you may not notice the difference when comparing 2 whistles. For the Low D whistles, the Brass is lighter to hold, but the copper seems to have a deeper resonance.

2) Why does Brass cost more than Copper?

Brass stock costs me considerably more than Copper so the difference is reflected in the end price.

3) What is Delrin?

Delrin is a hard plastic developed by Dupont to be used as a metal substitute. It is used in many industrial applications and is quite versatile. It is easy to machine and is impervious to moisture, durable, and can become very smooth. It also has a very attractive look.

4) Can you teach me to build whistles? I think I would like to have my own shop...

James bond said it best. "I could tell you but..."

5) How can I learn to make whistles?

The web is full of free designs on how to make whistles. I suggest you make a few, don't be afraid to change things, go to the forums, read all you can but in the end, trust your own heart and ear. There is not RIGHT way to do it! Only a series of WRONG ways!!! Best of luck!

6) Do you have any music?

Yes! We have a Tin Whistle tutorial book as well as a Christmas Carol Duet book and Chilren's music book. I am also putting together a series of books with all kinds of different music for the whistle. All will have chords and optional whistle tab. Please check in for progress.

7) Where is Ladysmith?

On the inside Coast of Vancouver Island, off the West Coast of Canada, just up from the US border. It is a small town with around 6000 people and a family of Elves...

8) Are you single?

Ask my husband!!!

9) I can`t afford an Elf Song right now, what other kind of whistle would you suggest?

We now have a manufactured version of our whistle that is economical. If these are still a little out of your budget, I recommend Generation & Sweetone whistles. You can find them at many music stores and online.

10) I am into Historical Re-enactments. I need a whistle that doesn`t look modern. Can you help me?

We have made whistles for people who are into Historical Re-enactments. They usually ask for all copper, wood fipples, and no coating or stickers on the whistle.  Please send us and email and we'll see what we can do!